Constructions Management

A successful building project starts much earlier before setting of the first brick. The process relies on the constant and mutual communication between beneficiary, architect and contractor.

Those involved in this partnership share together a unique vision about the project, starting from the concept and budget day until the work inauguration day.

Our team collaborates to make sure that we meet the beneficiary’s wish.

MEP Construct International comprehends the beneficiaries’ requirements for the pre-constructing phase. We know very well that the projects we take are full of challenging demands and we are ready to assign the necessary resources in order to achieve the goal.

During the pre-constructing phase, as well as during the proper building process, we will cooperate actively with beneficiaries, design team, key-subcontractors, local authorities and other involved jurisdictional authorities. As result of our efforts, our expectations are to rise above the beneficiaries’ requests.

The key-elements of this process are:

* Settlement of an initial budget (as model) for the required costs of the whole developing of the project;
* Project costs and efficiency analysis for each phase of the pre-constructing process;
* Completing a project recapitulation and exposing recommendations for the project team;
* Developing a main program needed to identify the essential elements of each activity of the pre-constructing phase;
* Providing a schematic evaluation even from the project phase (the evaluations will be shown comparatively, so that each modification from the initial phase to be highlighted;
* Developing a construction site plan, which will organize the approach of the workspace during the execution. The plan includes every required phase: covering area, public safety, traffic control, access and exit from the construction site and other critical activities of the specific execution phase;
* Preparing a cash-flow analysis for each phase of the project execution; Preparing a detailed schedule for the execution phase;
* Discovering and exposing the information needed to obtain permits, approvals and authorizations required for the execution. 95% of the opportunities to save money in any project are available only in the pre-constructing phase.


The position of the company on the construction market is based on strong elements such as innovation, advising, sustained effort, integrity ...