Cladiri rezidentiale

Ideea Residence

Project details

Location: No.14, Carol Knappe Street, Bucharest

Height regime: D+GF+5S

Constructed area: 7000 m2

Duration of execution: 1.5 years

Beneficiary: Alesonor Group

Description of project:The project is part if the category of luxury residential buildings, consisting of two building wings, six levels each, and the parking area in the basement, a built-on area of 6600 sqm and a total of 40 apartments. The structure of the buildings is from frames of reinforced concrete, with cover made of a terrace that is not used for circulation. Exterior closings were made with porotherm masonry, and chosen finishes are part of the luxury finishes (massive wood floors, porcelain floor tiles, granite plates and apparent brickwork, aluminium joinery). Apartments are equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems, with own wall unit. The basis concept of the interior division is the more efficient use of the space and creation of a living room area as generous as possible. All apartments have balconies and terraces, which are significant elements of the unitary concept of facades.

Contracted works: All infrastructure, structure, installations and finishing works were made by MEP Construct International as the general contractor.

Total value of the investments: 7 million euro

Present stage: Project finished in August 2008

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